Gentle walk

*Photo by: Miguel Perez

Photo by: Miguel Perez

Laugh the bright sweet sun

smilling from cottony clouds,

sharing rainbow thoughts.

~Kitkat Sergio~

Your “Hello”

*Photo by: OnkelMichel

Photo by: OnkelMichel

Said it as Yellow.

Now blurs as Blue, cold as Ice.

Resounding “Smile” missed.


Orange Blossom

*Photo by: Bluesnap

Photo by: Bluesnap

As these tears fall down,

Gentle blots on orange hue.

Clarity on Flaws.


The Gutsy Yellow

*Photo by: karla31

Photo by: karla31

To light up frontier.

In day, night or in faint streak..

Breathe; yellow beam tamed.


Willing waves

Stillness speaks shadows

with captured stare by the rush..

Three scents float freely.


Beyond calmness

*Photo by: ADD

Photo by: ADD

Thick feathers of dreams,

let wonders of love in bloom.

Let me fall again…


Metamorphic World

Sunny Place Culture,

weaved hues, prints, arts – Time and Life

remains paramount.


Another real and fascinating capture by Ajith πŸ™‚

In sync

Fly green-shouldered hawks

as fast as the lightning bolt,

cloudbase passing through.


Thank you very much Ajith for capturing real fascinating photos πŸ™‚

Above and beyond

*Photo by: Laura Strickland

Clip Art by Laura Strickland

Soaring the sky high,

cheerful heart navigates me.

Home where I must be


Two to 14

Fresh red roses,
perfume-smelled kiss.
Glad they’re here
to remind me of hues.