To Good Memories

*Photo by: Edmund Fauland

Photo by: Edmund Fauland

Shoes, eyes, and some glare..

All shared timely memories,

old, new – part of “you”.

~Kitkat Sergio~

When wind changes

A feeling I liked.

Such “nothingness” anywhere.

Seize moment & lift spirit.


Fluid and Lights

The darker the night,

the brighter the stars may seem..

Beauty surrounds you.


My Good Old Friend

*Photo by: Robert Balog

Photo by: Robert Balog

I thank every night..

‘Cause better sleep awaits me.

No more counting sheeps.


Alone and Solitude

*Photo by: Daisy Clymer

Photo by: Daisy Clymer

Happy Soul living.

Joyfully matching orange.

Well-loved by a few.


A Sweet Honesty

Like delightful scent.

Remembering your true self.

Free gentle earthling..


Your Undying Light

*Photo by: Ben Kerckx

Photo by: Ben Kerckx

Might within the bright..

Remembering your true self.

I’m here; I’ll stay lit.


The Flux

Photo by: Unsplash

Photo by: Unsplash

Life, in state of flux.

Engulf “you” only for good.

You, yourself – a gift.


The Sweetest Humming

Your soft humming voice..

As we swing to the hammock,

lifted high I stay.


Swift slider

Wired on waking day;

sets howling wind through binder.

Slight bump; now, just gaze.