I sing “you”

*Photo by: Gerd Altmann

Photo by: Gerd Altmann

That “Dream” was your name.

Resounds to yours everytime –

Man in The Future.


Rain Likely

*Photo by: Holger Schué

Photo by: Holger Schué

Nothing but the sound

of one acoustic guitar.

I’d melt, fade away..



*Photo by: Thomas Ulrich

Photo by: Thomas Ulrich

Day’s sweet as honey..

Kisses instead of coffee,

stirred with lots of love.


Unchanging Soul

This I’ll let you know —

you’re the breeze when I feel low.

Tranquil soul I’ve been.


Start of “Everything”

*Photo by: Roseleine Ro

Photo by: Roseleine Ro

Obviously with “E”;

but very starts from saving

of love worth giving…


Stargazer Heart

*Photo by: jonbonsilver

Photo by: jonbonsilver

Maybe worlds apart;

leaps through time to cross to you.

Our season remains…


Momentous space

Everyone needs space —

beyond things that matters;

betimes, green space do make.


Side by side

*Photo by: Bhakti Omwoods

Photo by: Bhakti Omwoods

One real attention

made by Stillness and Hapee:

Be here, not begone.


Love from a Star

Love blinks from afar..

Pillows of dreams and stardusts,

sprinkle as I wish.


Willing waves

Stillness speaks shadows

with captured stare by the rush..

Three scents float freely.