The Only Cure

*Photo by: Gerd Altmann

Photo by: Gerd Altmann

So still and so bright.

Your light held me back to life.

Full of hope and joy.

~Kitkat Sergio~

Fly me

*Photo by: Efraimstochter

Photo by: Efraimstochter

Fly me up in Air..

By string or by sling, hold me.

Look, I glide freely.

~Kitkat Sergio~

To Good Memories

*Photo by: Edmund Fauland

Photo by: Edmund Fauland

Shoes, eyes, and some glare..

All shared timely memories,

old, new – part of “you”.

~Kitkat Sergio~

Always Been

*Photo by: Nicolas82

Photo by: Nicolas82

Love I found in you.

Beautiful Surprise. That’s Us.

Living gifts for Life.

~Kitkat Sergio~

Yours to Keep

*Photo by: Mohamed Nuzrath

Photo by: Mohamed Nuzrath

Love from me that’s true.

Heart that’s warm and your name’s stamped.

Notes you & I kissed.


My World

You’re One of A Kind.

Never met someone quite like you.

Heavenly sent, that’s You.


Same Difference

You and I differ.

But, a lot of things to share.

Some are same; some are new.


My Favorite Hue

*Photo by: dtiriba

Photo by: dtiriba

When asked, I’d say ‘Love’.

Symbolizes You and Me.

Simply believe Thee.


The Pulse

*Photo by: Viola Heusser

Photo by: Viola Heusser

I stare ’cause you’re there..

With mighty admiration.

New eyes, mesmerized..