Amazing eyes

*Photo by: Ann29

Photo by: Ann29

When light, sea, and peace

leads me become better ME,

I see life anew.

~Kitkat Sergio~

Love AND Attention

*Photo by: Scros

Photo by: Scros

Together these two

Must be first given to you,

AND given by YOU.

~Kitkat Sergio~

Hopeful Metanoia

Find “you”.

When things got cold as some stones,

take it slow; hang on.

~Kitkat Sergio~

To Good Memories

*Photo by: Edmund Fauland

Photo by: Edmund Fauland

Shoes, eyes, and some glare..

All shared timely memories,

old, new – part of “you”.

~Kitkat Sergio~

When One Remembers

Everything pleasant

and unpleasant rushed, mixed up.

Stretch, take a balance.

~Kitkat Sergio~

Let Yourself Fly

*Photo by: David Mark

Photo by: David Mark

More than Its Purpose.

To wake up with Firm Freedom..

Have mere confidence.


Worthwhile attempt

*Photo by: Kohji Asakawa

Photo by: Kohji Asakawa

No detour to love —

On being “just friends” or friends.

Heads up, restore -“You”


At a time

*Photo by: David Mark

Photo by: David Mark

Take a leap forward-

a city floating on waves..

Soon, further you’ll see.


That feels

Long since I’d taken

some time again

to see right through

my own reflection.

Beautiful again I can say.



Been blind.
but, now I can see.
With profound understanding,
happily glad I’d be.