To Good Memories

*Photo by: Edmund Fauland

Photo by: Edmund Fauland

Shoes, eyes, and some glare..

All shared timely memories,

old, new – part of “you”.

~Kitkat Sergio~

My World

You’re One of A Kind.

Never met someone quite like you.

Heavenly sent, that’s You.



Still wearing your sleeves.

I think about You and Our love,

kept above and pure.


Fluid and Lights

The darker the night,

the brighter the stars may seem..

Beauty surrounds you.


Unchanging Soul

This I’ll let you know —

you’re the breeze when I feel low.

Tranquil soul I’ve been.


Love from a Star

Love blinks from afar..

Pillows of dreams and stardusts,

sprinkle as I wish.


Metamorphic World

Sunny Place Culture,

weaved hues, prints, arts – Time and Life

remains paramount.


Another real and fascinating capture by Ajith πŸ™‚

In sync

Fly green-shouldered hawks

as fast as the lightning bolt,

cloudbase passing through.


Thank you very much Ajith for capturing real fascinating photos πŸ™‚