Always Been

*Photo by: Nicolas82

Photo by: Nicolas82

Love I found in you.

Beautiful Surprise. That’s Us.

Living gifts for Life.

~Kitkat Sergio~

Only Us

*Photo by: Anja Osenberg

Photo by: Anja Osenberg

Being ourselves now –

never met someone quite like you.

Telling me everything..

~Kitkat Sergio~


I guess every thing
has its ending.
Even rain..
it pours, then it stops.

Sometimes, seems endless.
What does it need to stop?
Nothing. Just let it pass,
like in “Life”, things will surpass.

*Photo by: PeterDargatz

Photo by: PeterDargatz

In such relationships,
Brave old lovers
becoming mere Friendship. Again.
A Beautiful Ending, one can say..

That from an ending
can lead to beautiful beginning, too.
Do you agree?
Somehow, something can remain – for a dear friend.

*Photo by: Unsplash

Photo by: Unsplash

Remembering “first hellos”
and “sweet smile” over cup of infinitea.
It’s worth a try. Afterall.
Somewhere, Love can remain…

*Photo by: Sharky

Photo by: Sharky

Little Bit of Taking

*Photo by: A_Werdan

Photo by: A_Werdan

Of Spirited joy..

This time, with innermost thoughts,

express with gusto.



*Photo by: GLady

Photo by: GLady

You, may be afar..

Glee from someone’s smile and care.

Glad with Honesty.


Side by side

*Photo by: Bhakti Omwoods

Photo by: Bhakti Omwoods

One real attention

made by Stillness and Hapee:

Be here, not begone.


Love from a Star

Love blinks from afar..

Pillows of dreams and stardusts,

sprinkle as I wish.


Blue harmony

Keep calm and live “now”.

Take vast harmony.

In ocean’s sail, bow..


No matter what

*Photo by: Hans Braxmeier

Photo by: Hans Braxmeier

Even a 360 turn,

In flips of pages or falls

Wherever.. I’m here.


Sunset with Hapee


Photo by: Ruben Lopez

Seeking my happy pill..

Could’ve saved some or few.

It’ll be better, I hope too.