One Lovely Blog Award

Nominated by: Laine Jensen

Nominated by: Laine Jensen

Another gem of Lovely Blog Award  given by Ms. Laine Jensen. Found a lovely-written poem by her, entitled as “Walking on Clouds“. Lines that I really love – “…Walking on clouds, filled with dreams.”  For our lovely readers, “Always have your dreams with you. Live with your dreams. And everyone’s an Inspiration to one another.”

You will surely love her wonderful works of poetry with such beauty and power ♥ I am really inspired by her. May you too be inspired by great poets, authors.

You can visit her blog site: A Poet’s Journey by Laine Jensen


One Lovely Blog acknowledges bloggers who share their thoughts in a beautiful manner.
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3. Share 7 facts/or things about yourself.
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Seven things about me:
1. When one can be asked about one thing of sweetness to life, I can say “cupcakes“. That they can easily put a sweet smile on you 🙂
2. I have two most played songs that I love listening to these days: “Let your hair down” by Magic! and “Still” by Tamia. ( Music Is Life ❤ )
3. I’m inspired with everyday reading of anecdotes and reflections from the book of Fr. Jerry M. Orbos, SVD, entitled as “just a Moment”
4. A special gift given by the Author is really an inspiring one – A book of Leon Logothetis entitled “Amazing Adventures of a Nobody”
5. I once dreamed of being an Architect. I know I dreamed to be one that “creates or builds” even mediums do change. Living today as programmer and an inspired one that can also create haikus 🙂
6. Everyone is beautiful. My most treasured beautiful persons are: Catalina (my mom) and Diane Elaine (my sister)
7. I always love positivity and would want to share them in a way I believe is possible – one  is through life with haikus.

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Charlotte Cuevas, Author
The Lavender Letters
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Peace, love, and patchouli

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Thank you for reading about One Lovely Blog Award.
Thank you to All the Amazing Nominees/Bloggers mentioned above for being as Inspiration to me. Continue to dream and inspire more 🙂

May positivity radiates in All of you! Cheers and Congratulations! Keep writing!


Enlightened Fighter

*Photo by: David Mark

Photo by: David Mark

Get back on right track.

Re-run anew. Re-boost trust.

Rebuild life for ‘You’.



To brace; not to break.

In His refuge, you are safe.

Keep calm. Plea. Be still.


Little Bit of Taking

*Photo by: A_Werdan

Photo by: A_Werdan

Of Spirited joy..

This time, with innermost thoughts,

express with gusto.


At Skyline

*Photo by: Martin Str

Photo by: Martin Str

Safe haven you’ve built.

Horizons – never alike.

Come, take me away..


Blue Purpose Seeker

With peace and balance,

Add-on rhythm and slight breeze.

“Some things” be Lucid.


Same Dream

Free my mind, and muse;

Down from twenty great fathoms

to inch-apart stares.


Smile – A Gift

*Photo by: Ale Hidalgo

Photo by: Ale Hidalgo

Parachute you’ve been.

You came hanging with smiling..

Blest You and Me – GIFT.


Nomination: Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Nominated by: Alicia Logsdon

 Wow! Totally inspired especially on a Lovely Friday when I was able to check this! Indeed, great way to start every day not just Friday ❤ – being inspired. 🙂 Much love and admiration for a very strong and lovely lady, Ms. Alicia Logsdon (aka `live2laugh4love`: Live Laugh Love).

Thank you very much, dear. You continue to inspire me in every way, too. Glad that I met you. You can reach her blog site here: Live Laugh Love and find her own thoughts, stories, and poetry. And be inspired.

Here are the guidelines :
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3. Share seven facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.
5. Optional: Proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you.

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Seven Facts:
1. My mother’s maiden name is ‘Pabia’.. And her middle name back then was ‘Sergio’, which I tried to adapt (along with a nickname ‘Kitkat’) because I’m mesmerized on how it rings to my ears.
2. Recently, my most played songs are from Ed Sheeran, John Legend, Up Dharma Down (Original Pinoy Music – Filipino Band) ❤
3. Blueberry cupcake, cheesecake saved my weary day lately. Cupcakkeeess! :-*
4. A frustrated singer.. 😀
5. Loves dancing with the wind, and with the rain 🙂
6. Reading blogs has been a daily dose habit ^_^ especially visiting wonderful blogs/authors. Thank you for inspiring me.
7.  A day person, but can be a nocturnal, too. Most of the time, I had hard times putting myself to sleep. Listening to music help me though..

Amazing Nominees That Inspire Me <3:


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Maria Brinkyley, artist
Good Time Stories


Peace, love, and patchouli
Back to the Basics
Rise with Keshav Sharma
Pooky’s Poems


Tiana Lopez
Tea n’ Hunny
Cathedral of Desolation

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Thank you for reading about Nomination: Very Inspiring Blogger Award.
Thank you to All Bloggers especially those mentioned above for being
an inspiration to me. Continue to dream and inspire more 🙂

All positivity and good vibes to all of you! Cheers and Congratulations!


Start of “Everything”

*Photo by: Roseleine Ro

Photo by: Roseleine Ro

Obviously with “E”;

but very starts from saving

of love worth giving…