Place we’ve known

*Photo by: Susbany

Photo by: Susbany

Sunshine and wild grass.

Wondering what could have been.

Now.. a pleace we just know.


Yours to Keep

*Photo by: Mohamed Nuzrath

Photo by: Mohamed Nuzrath

Love from me that’s true.

Heart that’s warm and your name’s stamped.

Notes you & I kissed.


My World

You’re One of A Kind.

Never met someone quite like you.

Heavenly sent, that’s You.


Closing Time

*Photo by: info254

Photo by: info254

It was nice of Time.

Because I saw you by chance..

Tapped and said, “You’re Fine Now.”


Rose Timely Days

*Photo by: Dani Géza

Photo by: Dani Géza

The day I once loved.

Always been Ever Hapee..

Rose precious moments.



*Photo by: Unsplash

Photo by: Unsplash

To think twice of it.

Rise with positivity;

Breathe in a good change.


Your “Hello”

*Photo by: OnkelMichel

Photo by: OnkelMichel

Said it as Yellow.

Now blurs as Blue, cold as Ice.

Resounding “Smile” missed.



I guess every thing
has its ending.
Even rain..
it pours, then it stops.

Sometimes, seems endless.
What does it need to stop?
Nothing. Just let it pass,
like in “Life”, things will surpass.

*Photo by: PeterDargatz

Photo by: PeterDargatz

In such relationships,
Brave old lovers
becoming mere Friendship. Again.
A Beautiful Ending, one can say..

That from an ending
can lead to beautiful beginning, too.
Do you agree?
Somehow, something can remain – for a dear friend.

*Photo by: Unsplash

Photo by: Unsplash

Remembering “first hellos”
and “sweet smile” over cup of infinitea.
It’s worth a try. Afterall.
Somewhere, Love can remain…

*Photo by: Sharky

Photo by: Sharky

Your Undying Light

*Photo by: Ben Kerckx

Photo by: Ben Kerckx

Might within the bright..

Remembering your true self.

I’m here; I’ll stay lit.


Momentous space

Everyone needs space —

beyond things that matters;

betimes, green space do make.