Fly me

*Photo by: Efraimstochter

Photo by: Efraimstochter

Fly me up in Air..

By string or by sling, hold me.

Look, I glide freely.

~Kitkat Sergio~

Always Been

*Photo by: Nicolas82

Photo by: Nicolas82

Love I found in you.

Beautiful Surprise. That’s Us.

Living gifts for Life.

~Kitkat Sergio~

My Favorite Hue

*Photo by: dtiriba

Photo by: dtiriba

When asked, I’d say ‘Love’.

Symbolizes You and Me.

Simply believe Thee.


The Pulse

*Photo by: Viola Heusser

Photo by: Viola Heusser

I stare ’cause you’re there..

With mighty admiration.

New eyes, mesmerized..


Alone and Solitude

*Photo by: Daisy Clymer

Photo by: Daisy Clymer

Happy Soul living.

Joyfully matching orange.

Well-loved by a few.


The Flux

Photo by: Unsplash

Photo by: Unsplash

Life, in state of flux.

Engulf “you” only for good.

You, yourself – a gift.


The Sweetest Humming

Your soft humming voice..

As we swing to the hammock,

lifted high I stay.


Momentous space

Everyone needs space —

beyond things that matters;

betimes, green space do make.


Above and beyond

*Photo by: Laura Strickland

Clip Art by Laura Strickland

Soaring the sky high,

cheerful heart navigates me.

Home where I must be


Rainbow promises

Rain ’til sun wakes,

Cheer up to something new;


In a day.