Loved and Valued

*Photo by: Pokeychan

Photo by: Pokeychan

A Magic feeling.

Smile, laughter sounds natural.

Everything’s A Joy.

~Kitkat Sergio~

At Terminal Trie

Where you’re meant to be –

Is in this heart of mine, see?

My orange hope – You.

~Kitkat Sergio~

Place we’ve known

*Photo by: Susbany

Photo by: Susbany

Sunshine and wild grass.

Wondering what could have been.

Now.. a pleace we just know.


Yours to Keep

*Photo by: Mohamed Nuzrath

Photo by: Mohamed Nuzrath

Love from me that’s true.

Heart that’s warm and your name’s stamped.

Notes you & I kissed.


Always you

Who fills any emptiness.

Never lies, never leaves.

Cherish the real me..


Two to 14

Fresh red roses,
perfume-smelled kiss.
Glad they’re here
to remind me of hues.

Endearing light

Hold me tight
with all your might.
‘Cause you gave me life,
anything I’d withstand.


That night.
We danced
under moonlit.
Held me close,
whispered me forever.

A Glimpse of You

Just beneath

the silver lining,

these brown eyes

catch glimpses

of heaven.


One wish

Keep warmth in dear arms.
Once again.
This heart — longs for you.
One and only. You.