A season – a reason

*Photo by: ssgrecco

Photo by: ssgrecco

Each good or bad news,

Even heartaches can mean more.

Someday, it sounds beautiful.

~Kitkat Sergio~

Beautiful Letting Go

*Photo by: SplitShire

Photo by: SplitShire

The way love favors,

Lane never will I forget.

I let go & believe.

~Kitkat Sergio~

Hopeful Metanoia

Find “you”.

When things got cold as some stones,

take it slow; hang on.

~Kitkat Sergio~

When One Remembers

Everything pleasant

and unpleasant rushed, mixed up.

Stretch, take a balance.

~Kitkat Sergio~

Place we’ve known

*Photo by: Susbany

Photo by: Susbany

Sunshine and wild grass.

Wondering what could have been.

Now.. a pleace we just know.


Closing Time

*Photo by: info254

Photo by: info254

It was nice of Time.

Because I saw you by chance..

Tapped and said, “You’re Fine Now.”



*Photo by: Unsplash

Photo by: Unsplash

To think twice of it.

Rise with positivity;

Breathe in a good change.


Wonderful Bloom

*Photo by: geralt

Photo by: Gerd Altmann

Gentle and genuine.

How caring blossoms shed in

sunrise and heartstrings.


Alone and Solitude

*Photo by: Daisy Clymer

Photo by: Daisy Clymer

Happy Soul living.

Joyfully matching orange.

Well-loved by a few.


Unchanging Soul

This I’ll let you know —

you’re the breeze when I feel low.

Tranquil soul I’ve been.