Amazing eyes

*Photo by: Ann29

Photo by: Ann29

When light, sea, and peace

leads me become better ME,

I see life anew.

~Kitkat Sergio~

Gentle walk

*Photo by: Miguel Perez

Photo by: Miguel Perez

Laugh the bright sweet sun

smilling from cottony clouds,

sharing rainbow thoughts.

~Kitkat Sergio~

Some People

*Photo by: Udo Bertram

Photo by: Udo Bertram

They may come and go.

And some will help you lead home,

Walk bravely by faith.

~Kitkat Sergio~

Worthwhile attempt

*Photo by: Kohji Asakawa

Photo by: Kohji Asakawa

No detour to love —

On being “just friends” or friends.

Heads up, restore -“You”


Blue harmony

Keep calm and live “now”.

Take vast harmony.

In ocean’s sail, bow..


No matter what

*Photo by: Hans Braxmeier

Photo by: Hans Braxmeier

Even a 360 turn,

In flips of pages or falls

Wherever.. I’m here.


Metamorphic World

Sunny Place Culture,

weaved hues, prints, arts – Time and Life

remains paramount.


Another real and fascinating capture by Ajith πŸ™‚

Rise above Red & Yellow

Never let your smile fades.

Be not saddy black; rise above.

Two makes power shades.


Sunset with Hapee


Photo by: Ruben Lopez

Seeking my happy pill..

Could’ve saved some or few.

It’ll be better, I hope too.


Speaking to Bravery


Photo by: Uriel Shuraki

Near yet still so far..

Rest, but we’ll keep on walking —

hands-held and hearts’ bravery.