The Only Cure

*Photo by: Gerd Altmann

Photo by: Gerd Altmann

So still and so bright.

Your light held me back to life.

Full of hope and joy.

~Kitkat Sergio~


*Photo by: Unsplash

Photo by: Unsplash

To think twice of it.

Rise with positivity;

Breathe in a good change.


Enlightened Fighter

*Photo by: David Mark

Photo by: David Mark

Get back on right track.

Re-run anew. Re-boost trust.

Rebuild life for ‘You’.



To brace; not to break.

In His refuge, you are safe.

Keep calm. Plea. Be still.


Same Difference

You and I differ.

But, a lot of things to share.

Some are same; some are new.


Special Blessings

Real pleas work wonders

for Individual and All.

Saved requests echoed.


Side by side

*Photo by: Bhakti Omwoods

Photo by: Bhakti Omwoods

One real attention

made by Stillness and Hapee:

Be here, not begone.


Gentle reflections

*Photo by: felipe-music

Photo by: felipe-music

Pass a smile or two;

it can grow for me and you.

To fullness and more..


Blue harmony

Keep calm and live “now”.

Take vast harmony.

In ocean’s sail, bow..


Rise above Red & Yellow

Never let your smile fades.

Be not saddy black; rise above.

Two makes power shades.