My Good Old Friend

*Photo by: Robert Balog

Photo by: Robert Balog

I thank every night..

‘Cause better sleep awaits me.

No more counting sheeps.


Same Difference

You and I differ.

But, a lot of things to share.

Some are same; some are new.


Wonderful Bloom

*Photo by: geralt

Photo by: Gerd Altmann

Gentle and genuine.

How caring blossoms shed in

sunrise and heartstrings.


Lighthouse Feel

*Photo by: geralt

Photo by: Gerd Altmann

Beyond light matters –

A guidance despite darkness..

Trust, faith, and safeguard.


My Favorite Hue

*Photo by: dtiriba

Photo by: dtiriba

When asked, I’d say ‘Love’.

Symbolizes You and Me.

Simply believe Thee.


The Pulse

*Photo by: Viola Heusser

Photo by: Viola Heusser

I stare ’cause you’re there..

With mighty admiration.

New eyes, mesmerized..


The Crossing Shift

*Photo by: geralt

Photo by: Gerd Altmann

Words seem hard to find.

Tilt, toss, turn; never look down.

Walk, run if we must.


Orange Blossom

*Photo by: Bluesnap

Photo by: Bluesnap

As these tears fall down,

Gentle blots on orange hue.

Clarity on Flaws.


The Gutsy Yellow

*Photo by: karla31

Photo by: karla31

To light up frontier.

In day, night or in faint streak..

Breathe; yellow beam tamed.


Alone and Solitude

*Photo by: Daisy Clymer

Photo by: Daisy Clymer

Happy Soul living.

Joyfully matching orange.

Well-loved by a few.