Only Us

*Photo by: Anja Osenberg

Photo by: Anja Osenberg

Being ourselves now –

never met someone quite like you.

Telling me everything..

~Kitkat Sergio~

Little Bit of Taking

*Photo by: A_Werdan

Photo by: A_Werdan

Of Spirited joy..

This time, with innermost thoughts,

express with gusto.


At Skyline

*Photo by: Martin Str

Photo by: Martin Str

Safe haven you’ve built.

Horizons – never alike.

Come, take me away..


Smile – A Gift

*Photo by: Ale Hidalgo

Photo by: Ale Hidalgo

Parachute you’ve been.

You came hanging with smiling..

Blest You and Me – GIFT.


Stargazer Heart

*Photo by: jonbonsilver

Photo by: jonbonsilver

Maybe worlds apart;

leaps through time to cross to you.

Our season remains…