Stillness n’ Bravery

*Photo by: lauraelatimer0

Photo by: lauraelatimer0

Hoping for the best

to what we are becoming –

Happy, Purposeful.



*Photo by: lauraelatimer0

Photo by: lauraelatimer0

When there is kindness,

you get to go everywhere

And everything’s nice.


Love AND Attention

*Photo by: Scros

Photo by: Scros

Together these two

Must be first given to you,

AND given by YOU.


A season – a reason

*Photo by: ssgrecco

Photo by: ssgrecco

Each good or bad news,

Even heartaches can mean more.

Someday, it sounds beautiful.


Beautiful Letting Go

*Photo by: SplitShire

Photo by: SplitShire

The way love favors,

Lane never will I forget.

I let go & believe.


Dearly, merely

. ..your comforting embrace

and every glance

makes longing for you

so dearly, merely.


Own Inspiration

Hard to find it,
even one.
Will I be able to find it?
Was it just long gone?


Everything’s a worth

in good and bad;

Kept our heydays

in heart and mind.