Only Us

*Photo by: Anja Osenberg

Photo by: Anja Osenberg

Being ourselves now –

never met someone quite like you.

Telling me everything..

~Kitkat Sergio~

My Good Old Friend

*Photo by: Robert Balog

Photo by: Robert Balog

I thank every night..

‘Cause better sleep awaits me.

No more counting sheeps.


Alone and Solitude

*Photo by: Daisy Clymer

Photo by: Daisy Clymer

Happy Soul living.

Joyfully matching orange.

Well-loved by a few.



*Photo by: GLady

Photo by: GLady

You, may be afar..

Glee from someone’s smile and care.

Glad with Honesty.


At Skyline

*Photo by: Martin Str

Photo by: Martin Str

Safe haven you’ve built.

Horizons – never alike.

Come, take me away..


Blue Purpose Seeker

With peace and balance,

Add-on rhythm and slight breeze.

“Some things” be Lucid.


Start of “Everything”

*Photo by: Roseleine Ro

Photo by: Roseleine Ro

Obviously with “E”;

but very starts from saving

of love worth giving…