Hopeful Metanoia

Find “you”.

When things got cold as some stones,

take it slow; hang on.

~Kitkat Sergio~

This is Christmas

*Photo by: Vickie McCarty

Photo by: Vickie McCarty

The Birth of Jesus.

He’s the Center of Christmas,

and in all seasons.

~Kitkat Sergio~

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

Let there be always Peace, Prosperity, and Love for all.

The Only Cure

*Photo by: Gerd Altmann

Photo by: Gerd Altmann

So still and so bright.

Your light held me back to life.

Full of hope and joy.

~Kitkat Sergio~

The way you are

*Photo by: buerserberg

Photo by: buerserberg

You make it easy.

From your cancelled plans, you make

Priority – Me.

~Kitkat Sergio~

Beautiful December

Each sunrise, moonlight..

Let us rejoice, embrace love.

Make it soundful bright.

~Kitkat Sergio~

Fly me

*Photo by: Efraimstochter

Photo by: Efraimstochter

Fly me up in Air..

By string or by sling, hold me.

Look, I glide freely.

~Kitkat Sergio~