About Kitkat

kaypeeasdsdasdasdasdadI am fondly called by my family/friends as ~Kath, and ~Kipyang/Kaypee (which was a shoe brand back then) my family used to call me since I was young. Also, “Kitkat” has been my fave since I started doing creative things aside from work. So, I decided to be weaving by this pen name. 🙂

24-Strong. Dream-weaver.

Realized writing has been one of My Outlets. And with right inspiration and motivation, dream weaving began at 24. I say dream or merely the simple ideas-turn-into “GOALS” in life, and weaver or being the “writer & doer”. A BEST driving force on dream weaving is “PURPOSE“-reason to live, dream again, and love life even more.

At this moment, I may consider myself as a random writer -being at the right timing, well-motivated, and inspired. Sometimes, it’s hard to find inspiration. But then, when I get to writing Haiku (short, unfinished poetry),  it does help me find own inspiration again. Also, with writing buddies – paper and pencil (and coffee or tea), writing short poems has always been w/ wonders from the heart. ♥

Heartily Handwritten.

Another part of what I most loved doing (much so of de-stressing and fixing my thoughts) also is watercolor painting. Been inspired ever since I’m young, and been loving arts & crafts back then; but I decided to go and tried painting as hobby last 2015 out of inspiration. My first watercolor artpiece was inspired by/for my sister, Diane. I borrowed some art stuff from her at first like her Prang watercolors :). By then, I am always inspired to work on smaller art pieces out of curiosity. It is good to revisit an old love for colors, possibly one of the Best Love.  Oh, and I love rainbows (and hues). ♥

My Appreciation for:

Above | haiku | art | letters | codes | hues | purpose | positivity | goodness | affirmation | love | faith | trust| family | genuine&lasting friendship | hope | peace | music | learning | failures | achievements | memories | gifts | photographs | laughter | sunshine | raindrops| rainbow

“Decide to be HAPPY | Enjoy LIFE | Keep a LIGHT heart | Go SLOWLY |


25 thoughts on “About Kitkat

  1. Dearest Kipyang, I am thrilled that you are now following my haiku blog! Thank you sooo much. It means a lot to be followed by another poet with so much incredible talent. Your own haiku are very impressive, and I look forward to visiting your blog often in the days ahead. 🙂

    With Respect and Admiration,

    Ron — http://randa.lane.wordpress.com

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    • Hi Sir Ron, thank you so much for the appreciation and admiration. Enjoy your stay here in Kipyang: 24-Strong 🙂 I’m really happy that I followed your blog on Haikus. Your works are wonderfully written. And there’s really “more” to poetry, haiku, tanka, senryu. I’d love to see newest posts on Randa Lane. 🙂

      Best regards to you Sir Ron!


    • Hi Mr. NorCal 🙂 You’re welcome, Sir. And thank you, too. Your works are wonderful. Thanks for sharing them to us! Regards to you.


  2. Hi there Dilip! 😀 Thankyouuu so much! I’m really inspired. Every comment is wrapped with appreciation. Yes, we should be happy. And we do deserve to be 🙂 Best regards to you, Sir!


    • You’re welcome, Ms. Diwata 🙂 Maraming salamat din sayong pagbisita sa aking munting blog. Hehe. Ako rin ay isang taga-hanga mo. God Bless! Nice meeting you here..


  3. Hi Kipyang. I’ve been browsing your site for a while now and have enjoyed myself thoroughly. Love the haiku also. Thank you for following The Vision of Poets. I’m honored that you enjoyed your visit. I’ll been visiting here often to absorb all that I can. Thank you for introducing your site to me. Have a great evening…

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    • Hi Michael, thank you for the visit @ Kipyang: 24-Strong. Happy to know that you’ve enjoyed browsing and staying along with Haiku poems. 🙂 Enjoy your stay! Great to see beautiful works such as from The Vision of Poets. Have a great day!

      Liked by 1 person

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