The Liebster Award Nomination

Nominated by: Timitude

Nominated by: Timitude


‘Twas 1st of May and I got My First Blog Award πŸ™‚ Thank you timitude for having me as one of the recipients of The Liebster Award. I’m happy and grateful to be receiving this lovely award. Thank you again, timitude for appreciating my works on Kipyang: 24-Strong.

Here are the few Rules of the Liebster Award :
1. Thank the nominating blogger.
2. Answer the question(s) that he/she asks.
3. Nominate 5-11 bloggers, preferably with less than 500 followers.
4. Ask question(s) to these bloggers.
5. Let the bloggers know that they got nominated.

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My reply to timitude’s question : “Would you rather die young and be remember to have been among the greats who changed the world or would you rather live a long life even though there will not much reported or written of material impact life?”

I’d rather choose the latter – who live a long life even though there will not much reported or written of material impact life.. Mainly, because I wanted to be with my family longer and I believe that in even in your most simple ways you can too inspire your family and other people. A word of wisdom or a simple smile can be passed on and grow. For me, being simple, sincere and humble is essential.

And here are my 5 Nominees for The Liebster Award :

1. AG Studio Blog :
2. poems & poèmes :
3. VintageDahl :
4. A Story at Sunset :
5. The writer in me :

My Question for My 5 Nominees :
If you were to rate these three characteristics (Looks, Personality, Knowledge)
according to importance (1-3, 1 as the highest), how will you rate them?
And explain which one you chose as your Top 1 most valued..

Β ~* * *~

Thank you for reading about The Liebster Award.
I hope that all my nominees will accept their awards. Thank you All for being
an inspiration. Continue to dream and inspire more πŸ™‚