Bugs at its light.

Coz I miss being at its light… RB this πŸ™‚

Kitkatys: 24-Strong

It is possibly my first note written again for quite a long time. The desire to write is always there. But, it is somehow taken off by time. I always love writing my thoughts out. Someday, I know this will make sense.

Anyway, I keep on writing my first though. I’ve decided to take some time and free my mind of these bugs because they seem to pile up and eat me out.

Dealing on piles of bugs can be hard; but, it can always be at its light.

A Bug is known as an insect creeping or crawling, or it can be a flaw in a computer program. In addition to this, a bug can be also compared to any problem or difficult situation a person can have. This will be remained as bug unless resolved fixed.

Bugs are everywhere. May it be bugs you found on web or…

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