How to fill in the missing blanks?

Is your answer merely based on the one option you least like? or the one you like the most? or the one your heart carefully chosen? Answering this can be compared when making decisions in life.

(fill in the missing blanks)

I _ _ _ _ you.

A. like

B. need

C. love

Sometimes, decision-making can be a tough thing to do – like typing a bulk of pages of word document using only your one hand; like painting on a canvass with you eyes having blindfolded; like walking barefoot on burnt charcoal; like moving on after a heartbreak.

Whatever you decide, it must come from your heart. And with bravery and strong heart is really important.

How to fill in the missing blanks? No matter how hard it is when decision-making comes, missing blanks can be filled once you decided along with your heart – with no fear. You push through with your decision with strong heart and faith, and by being brave.

What matters most is how you truly feels and what you’re doing alongside  with your heart and your will.

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