Sweet Morning Reviews.

Just loved the morning rays of sunlight bouncing back on my face while falling asleep. How sweet morning it is (sigh). Really it feels this good. This is exactly how i wanted to die. So peacefully. Just resting on a bed by a windowpane with curtains waving like dancing with the morning light. Having you by my side would be the sweetest lift for my soul. Then, smelling the morning breeze makes me feel light. Suddenly, I wanted to die that fast. Like dying in your arms. Oh sweet morning reviews, kindly kiss me goodbye.

To the people I love, I love you just the way you are.

No matter what happens, I’m always here… In your heart, I’ll stay.


All that I have are these things to remember you always.

I love you. Always. – κì℘γαης

Life is not a prison to escape from but a garden to enjoy, you have to open your eyes. — deej

When you know it, you knew.. I’m always here for you.. >:D< — melanie

You’re not alone. You’re stronger more than you think you are… — angel


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