As I continued living and encountering life’s challenges, I usually find myself confused and helpless. There are times that I do not know what to do with my life. Sometimes, a helpless one. But with the help of my parents, brothers and sister, teachers, and friends, I find guidance, orientation, love, and care. This is one of the reasons why I keep and treasure every day’s moments.


I was born on the second seven-day week of one best summer time. It was more than 24 long years ago, in the year of the DRAGON. The dragon, as myself, is somewhat searching for a ball of fire. In real life, this ball of fire represents to my goals, dreams, and happiness. To be able to get this ball of fire, I have to encounter and to successfully pass the biggest puzzle and maze that I’m trapped in. These puzzle pieces refer to so many challenges, trials, troubles, ups and downs, loneliness, happiness, and failures.


This time, I don’t have to be afraid to take risks and don’t have to be surprised finding myself failing because failures give us lessons. And there’s always a chance in life. And in my most life, I was guided with seven stars – God, Jesus, Mama Mary, family, friends, teachers, and myself. In the beginning of my journey, I can’t help myself thinking of my most loving family so I’m doing my best to live life. And I trust God’s providence.


Having another chance to new beginnings and another year of leading my life to byways and highways, I must be a more profound person.


I shall do my best to reach my goals, dreams, and happiness for my family and for myself. Life is only traveled once. I shall live life to the fullest. I shall treasure every life’s moments, may it be sad or happy because today’s moments become tomorrow’s memories.


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